"The BRD Solutions two-day seminar on internal and external communications
was a hit with our staff. Bob doesn't try to 'sell' you his ideas: he listens
and works within the company culture. Rose Griffith, HR Generalist, ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
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Robert W. Courson II, SPHR 
   People Development Solutions
Advancing technology, changing values, and increasing competition are creating new and exciting possibilities for every organization.

The key to success is having the right people in the right places with the right skills—and that involves "people development," a focus on organizing, managing, and motivating employees.

BRD Solutions has expertise and experience in people development. We help clients design and deliver learning and development interventions that allow organizations to do more with less, and aggressively accomplish business goals. Along the way, employees develop their skills, and come to understand why and how they are essential to the organization's success.

The bottom line: our clients say that People Development Solutions help them create a more productive and profitable work environment.

If your organization could use support for its people development—please contact us.



To enhance business results, a manufacturing company identified the need to support several key management people in improving their communication skills. To meet the need, BRD Solutions developed a customized communication learning experience. The process built on the strengths of the client's people and culture. The outcome: enhanced communication, improved individual performance, and better business results.

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