There is no one I would rather have working with me in labor negotiations than Bob Courson.He's knowledgeable, firm, knows where he is going, never loses his cool in tense situations, and keeps the respect of all parties in reaching agreement.

Thomas McConomy, Former Chairman and CEO
Calgon Carbon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

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Robert W. Courson II, SPHR 
   Labor Relations Solutions
Success in collective bargaining requires thorough preparation, knowledge of procedures, sound proposals, and a professional approach to producing a labor agreement mutually acceptable to the parties.

BRD Solutions has successfully negotiated more than 100 labor agreements that provide our clients with reasonable operating freedom, cost containment, and effective results all around.

Among Labor Relations Solutions we provide for our clients:
Preparation for negotiations that will help ensure the client's desired outcomes
Negotiating, or assisting to negotiate, the labor agreement
Administration of the labor agreement
Grievance administration up to and including arbitration

If your organization might benefit from support with labor relations issues—please contact us.



A manufacturing company and the union representing its employees sought to improve their relationship. They wanted to identify areas of common interests that were strengths, and leverage the strengths for improved operating efficiencies. They retained BRD Solutions to facilitate the process. Bob Courson was able to apply his expertise in establishing productive labor relations and developing self-directed workforces; he supported the parties as they came to understand each other's needs and moved to new productive ground. Together, management and the union continue to make progress in transforming their organization.
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