"Bob has worked with senior executives who have different backgrounds and styles, and he's a consistently excellent coach. He determines areas of need and constructs strategies to address needs. His own personality and skills make people comfortable with him throughout the process."
Gail Gerono, VP, Investor Relations, Communications, and HR,
Calgon Carbon Co., Pittsburgh, PA

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Robert W. Courson II, SPHR 
   Executive Coaching Solutions
Sometimes executives with high-level business knowledge and skills don't yet have the same level of interpersonal, communications, and other skills vital to leadership.

Executive coaching can help.

The BRD Solutions executive coaching process is respectful, discreet, and expert. We assist executives in adapting to new responsibilities, reducing unhelpful behaviors, and championing organizational change. Along the way, the executives' organizations benefit from improved retention of key people and enhanced teamwork. The organizations deepen relationships with their most important employees—and increase the employees' effectiveness.

Coaching is not for everyone; some individuals may not be ready for the hard work of personal inquiry required for success. We are always glad to work with client organizations to help assess their leaders' readiness for executive coaching.

If your organization's leaders might benefit from executive coaching—please contact us.



BRD Solutions provided Executive Coaching support to several international professional association executives who had been identified as having potential to lead the organization. The coaching included three elements:
Being in command while being approachable
Establishing executive presence
Stepping up to the executive platform
Bob Courson helped the executives to identify their individual needs, goals, and aspirations, and worked with them to create individual development plans. Several of the individuals assumed broader responsibilities within six months after working with BRD Solutions.

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