"Bob [Courson] is a master of change management. And he arranges change so that, when something good happens, others can get credit for it. All he wants to do is solve the problem."
Timothy Olson, Director, Mexican Operations, TYG Manufacturing Company, Monterrey, Mexico
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Robert W. Courson II, SPHR 
   Change Management Solutions
They say that, in business today, the only constant is change. That may be true, but change doesn't have to follow the old model—slow, difficult, and painful. Managed skillfully, change can be faster, less stressful, and sometimes even enjoyable.

BRD Solutions has excellent success working with clients to implement change management processes customized to their specific needs.

There are three essential components of Change Management Solutions.
Leaders embracing and spearheading change opportunities
Investing to help people become more capable of change.
Creating and measuring culture change

If your organization could benefit from expert support in managing change—please contact us.



A manufacturing company had been a leader in its industry for many years but had recently experienced business reversals. As a result, its work environment had begun to show undesirable traits, including a "losing" attitude, low energy, frustrated employees and leaders, an increasing resistance to change, and poor financial results. BRD Solutions was retained to assist with change management solutions—fast. BRD developed and implemented strategies that included leader development sessions and rapid change learning opportunities for all employees. The results, measured by the company's improved financial results, have been encouraging.
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